Bringing the Pilot Car industry into the 21 century!

Built for the 21st century

Pilot Cars will simply update their approximate GPS location by clicking the AVAILABLE button! It's that simple! Brokers & Trucking Companies can find pilot cars quicker & easier than ever before with our service when they have a load! They will do a search & call the pilot car directly!

How does it work & who is it for?

This is for any pilot car that wants to help their industry move into the 21st century. No more getting text messages every second!

How is it different?

It's really simple! You just go into the app or website & click available....That's it!!!

Pilot Cars click the AVAILABLE button

Click the available button

Pilot Cars show they're available

Pilot Cars show they're available

Trucking Companies & Brokers Search for Pilot Cars

Trucking Companies & Brokers Search for Pilot Cars

How do the Brokers & Trucking Companies Find Me?

Last updated pilot car

Keep updating

It's really simple to update your status. If you don't, the broker or company will skip right over you! He or She doesn't know where you are at or if you're near the load if you haven't updated in days. Don't forget to download the App!

Pilot Car Hub premium users are at top

Supporters are always on top

How the search works: The people that are supporting Pilot Car Hub are shown at the top of every page. They get shown at least 2 times and are normally the ones who are updating their status daily.

Pilot car info

Info is correct

Make sure that all the info is correct! If it isn't, the person who are searching will skip over you! This is including your location, which is the most important thing to get loads!

Are you ready to bring in HOT LEADS?

Yes, sign me up

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